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Situé près d'Aix-en-Provence, l'élevage reste très facile d'accès. Pour nous joindre :

  • par téléphone au 06.13.577.843, n'hésitez pas à laisser un message, nous vous rappellerons au plus tôt

  • mail :


Merci pour votre envoi !


A new adventure begins for you and for him !!

Puppies do not leave home before their 8 weeks old. A contract of sale will be established at the time of departure and the puppy must be fully settled at that time (you can stagger your payments before this date).

The prices of LOF puppies vary according to their color and eyes:

    € 1,700 tricolor & bicolor males

    1900 € tri-color & two-color females

    2000 € robins

    2200 € the blackbirds blue eyes

They will leave


  •  identified by microchip

  • veterinary health book and certificate of good health

  • first dewormers made

  •  vaccinated

  • a small guide allowing you to apprehend the first steps serenely

  • a puppy kit

Puppies are sold only for company and sport. A contract and a provision regulation of 500 € will be established upon the signing of the sales contract. This sum of € 500 will be returned to you as soon as your dog is spayed after 6 months. The veterinarian will produce a castration certificate for this purpose to return to us.

Do not forget that we are attached to our dogs ... their future worries us. Life being what it is, never hesitate to contact us if you encounter difficulties ... do not abandon your dog !!! we will always find a solution


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