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Le Mini Berger Américain, leur histoire et standard

Born from a selection of the smallest Australian Shepherds in the 60s, a few generations were enough to fix the characteristics in order to establish this new breed in 2011 by the FSS of the American Kennel Club.

True little sheepdog, he kept all his instinct allowing him to excel for the management and the guard of the herds and many sports disciplines.

Very playful, he remains at a distance from strangers.


He remains a solid and rustic dog, with minimal grooming. It will adapt very well to all lifestyles but you must remain very vigilant about your needs to spend yourself with good walks or sports allowing him to interact.

However, you must acquire a puppy from sires and lines where the main recommended tests and exams have been carried out (DH, AOC, MDR1). The breed club, AFBAM (Association Française du Berger Américain Miniature) can advise you;


This small dog 33 to 45.72cm with a playful character kept its shepherdess skills. His coat is of medium length and texture, straight or wavy.

You can find the following colors:

  •     black

  •     two-tone black + white

  •     two-tone black + tan

  •     red (from dark to light)

  •     bicolor red + white

  •     tricolor red + white + tan

  •     blue merle

  •     merle red


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